Founders games
Marketing Budget
for Startups

A world record breaking number of 1674 StartUps from all around the world
applied for Webit 2014 Founders Games!

We have selected 350 of them as semi finalists and you shall see up to 200 of them
among the exhibitors of the Global Webit Congress 2014.

View the semi-finalists

Announcing the Finalists:


Turkey / Xaas


Andorra / Digital Commerce


Netherlands / eLearning


Turkey / Hardware


UK / Xaas


Italy / Digital Commerce


Morocco / eLearning

Jordan / Digital Entertainment

MENA Commerce

UAE / Xaas

Monitor Backlinks

Romania / Advertising

Abracadabra Robotics Ltd

Israel / Biotech


Turkey / Digital Commerce


Ukraine / eLearning



Nessos {m}brace the cloud

Greece /Infrastructure

Blue Fox Technology

Cyprus / Advertising

Decibel Music Systems Ltd.

UK / Digital Entertainment

Fusic Ltd.

Israel / Digital Entertainment


Netherlands / Digital commerce


Turkey / Digital commerce


Turkey / Digital entertainment

Vogue Africana

Nigeria / Digital commerce

Peach Payments

South Africa / Fintech

Turkey / Digital entertainment


Belgium / Xaas


2 Round Application Deadline

2 Round semifinalist startups announced

Founders Games Winners announced

time left to the announcement of winners

The Founders Games is the single most influential event for startups,
providing over 1 Million EUR grant in marketing budgets for up to 200 startups.


Up to 200 startups shall receive a free expo table at the Congress + 600 free Gold tickets + advertising budgets within major publishers + further awards at total value of more than 1 Million EUR.


At Webit wehave launched a special research among over 500 startups from EMEA and the results were clear - the single biggest issue for failure of a startups is not the lack of funding, not the lack of talents - but the opportunity to market at scale and the limited marketing budgets which the investors are willing to approve especially at the seeding stage of the startup.

This is the reason the Global Webit Congress to create the 1 Million EUR Marketing Grant for startups to give them a special market advantage and to boost the business and the opportunities to success.


Every company younger than 5 years and with less than 5 Million in funding
is eligible to apply for free. As the programme suggests this is GRANT and we do not take any equity!

As far as your company is active in the following disciplines:

Advertising Biotech Digital Commerce Digital Entertainment eLearning
Fintech Games Hardware Health Infrastructure
Money Non-Profit Social & dating Travel Xaas
Energy Efficiency

and in case you are based in one of the following regions:

Central & Eastern Europe Western Europe
Russia + CIS
Middle East Turkey India rest of Asia Israel


Webit is to provide up to 200 startups with a free expo table, 600 free expo tickets, advertising budgets in major global media (partners of the Congress and the Founders Games) and further help and support by our partners and jury.

The 200 startups who qualify shall have access to all attendees of the Global Webit Congress - the major and most influential tech and digital global event for EMEA and Asia hosting over 10'000 attendees from 110 countries and 60% of them are C-level executives and founders.


Webit is the only place where startups meet investors, reporters, the CEOs, CMOs and CTOs of the world's largest and most innovative companies along with the biggest global and regional advertisers. Only at Webit your startupwill have access not only to over 400 investors but also the major potential partners and clients making Webit is the most StartUp friendly digital and tech industry event.

Over 300 accredited media search for great starups. At the Congress you may meet and connect with editors in chief, editors and correspondents from Wall Street Journal, Mashable, The Next Web, Wired, Bloomberg, Guardian,, TechCrunch, e27, Wamda, ITP, Forbes, CNN, The New York Times, Business Insider, The Economist, Wired and many more.


Founders Games has 3 Rounds:

1 Round is open to all startups which qualify according to the above criteria. The JURY shall select 200 of all applicants and they shall join the 2nd round

2 Round - Accelerated/Funded startups get a wild card to Round 2. Accelerators we work with received a special code which gives access to their startups to Round 2 of the Founders Game. The Jury shall select in total up to 200 startups from round 1 and 2 and shall award them with free stand and free Gold tickets to the Congress.

3 Round - The first top 20 (out of 200) shall be selected to pitch on the Leaders of the Future Tech Summit Stage of the Congress and the Jury shall select the winners.

The winners the shall receive further awards and marketing advertising budgets by our partners + global media endorsement and brand recognition.

The Judging is made on 5 major milestones:

- Team capacity - 10 points
- Project Scalability - 10 points
- Business approach - 10 points
- Marketing approach - 10 points
- Uniqueness of the idea - 10 points


Each of the isted above regions has a quota of 5 startups to be sent to the Global Webit Congress.
Thus we make sure we host the best of the best from each and every part of Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia
as far as the startups have above 25 points (50% success).

Founders Games Jury

Alexander Galitsky

Alexander Galitsky

Managing Partner of Almaz Capital Partners
and Skolkovo Board Member

Plamen Russev

Plamen Russev

Global Webit Congress

Sina Afra

Sina Afra

Markafoni and Investor

Dr. Jens Pippig

Dr. Jens Pippig

Founder & Head of ProSieben
Sat1 Accelerator

Yavuz Kaynar

Yavuz Kaynar

Principal Banker
EBRD Venture Capital Investment Programme

Walid Hanna

Walid Hanna

Managing Partner
Middle East Venture Partners

Manu Gupta

Manu Gupta


Ryan Janssen

Ryan Janssen

Vice President
m8 Capital

Max Niederhofer

Max Niederhofer

SunStone Capital

Cem Sertoğlu

Cem Sertoğlu

EarlyBird Venture Capital

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